Visit the world’s biggest fishing playground with Pacific City Fishing Dory Charters

Ever wondered what’s out past Haystack Rock?

With Pacific City Fishing Dory Charters, you’ll find out that beyond the iconic landmark lays a bounty of bottom fish as well as ling cod, Dungeness crab, and salmon.

“Once you clear the surf, you can look out into the far, far west and it’s basically just a giant playground; within five minutes you’re ready to fish,” said Captain Mark Lytle.

With Pacific City Fishing Dory Charters, visitors will be taken out on a Dory boat.

“The tradition of the Dory boat is more of a lifestyle,” Lytle said. “Most people that live in Pacific City have a Dory; most of them have a family member that had a Dory.”

Pacific City Fishing Dory ChartersThe modern Pacific City dory is open hulled and flat bottomed. The Dory is first rowed into the surf until it is deep enough to drop the outboard.

“Launching a Dory from the beach is not like launching a boat from the boat ramp,” Lytle said. “I’m looking for timing; I’m looking for the swell height; I’m certainly looking for a spot between the swells that we’re going to be able to get through. I’d rather not go crashing through the waves but sometimes they rise up in front of you and you have no choice: you’re going to go through it and it’s going to be dramatic.”

Traditional Dories have been used for hundreds of years, not just in the Northwest but across North America. They were designed to carry thousands of pounds of wet fish and have been known, historically, for their sturdy design—allowing them to carry a heavy load for their relatively modest size, without capsizing.

Over the years, Dorymen have earned a reputation as particularly skilled seamen, capable of handling these special boats. Dorymen know how to balance the center of gravity in the empty boat, and how to manage if the boat takes on water or comes up against particularly rough waves.

“It’s really a unique experience. Every single day on the ocean is a gift,” said Lytle.

To book a trip with Pacific City Fishing Dory Charters, call 503-351-9019 or email All trips are 4-6 hours long and gear is provided.