Oh, the Places You Can Go

Check out the lay of the land, below. This map will help you get your bearings as you plan your route through the Food Trail. Read more on each of the destinations and create an itinerary tailored to your interests. Make this an experience you’ll savor.

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    A Message About Safety

    Locations along your route may have livestock and heavy-duty machinery. Please be cautious around any animals or equipment you encounter.

    • Do not leave children unattended.
    • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
    • Interact with farm animals at your own risk.
    • Follow any guidelines given by property owners.
    • Do not enter blocked-off or restricted areas.

    Under Oregon law, North Coast Food Trail and its participating organizations are not liable for injury or death. Risks of agritourism activities are inherent to land, equipment and animals.

    Throughout the Region


    Kayak Tillamook


    Book in advance. See website for schedule.


    Explore Nature


    Book in advance. March through November; see website for schedule.


    Oregon Coast Tours and Transportation


    Group tours by appointment.


    Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad


    Year-round with scheduled dinner trains


    Destination Categories

    Artisan Products

    Take the north coast home with you (and don’t be surprised if it gets gobbled up on ride home). From the best cheeses and handmade sausages to in-season berries and produce, we have the very thing to please your taste.

    Bakeries and Cafés

    Need an early morning caffeine and scone fix, or a big bowl of fresh clam chowder in the afternoon? You’ve got 100 miles of friendly, locally owned bakeries and cafes to soothe your soul and tastebuds.

    Craft Beverages

    Sip on beer, wine, and spirits from the North Coast. The experts open their doors to curious customers: whether you’re a casual drinker or a long-time connoisseur, you’ll have the chance to sample something new—and peek into the process.


    Enjoy a taste of how talented chefs bring out the flavors of the Coast. You’ll experience unique dishes made with from-the-source ingredients, creative takes on traditional favorites and plenty of delicious meals both nourishing and indulgent. Come hungry!


    Explore the Coast, we’ll point the way! Hike natural areas, see cultural museums on your route, kayak our famous water trails. Whether you want a seasoned pro to guide a new-to-you adventure, or a curated itinerary to help you make the most of your trip, these activities will have you working up an appetite.

    Farmers Markets

    Buy from local farms and vendors. There’s nothing quite like crisp lettuce, fresh-cut flowers or eggs collected the same day you buy them. These community hubs offer a chance to support growers and artisans from the Coast. Check online for seasonal openings and hours.

    Farms and Seafood

    Oregon’s north coast is famous for fresh seafood, as well as small farms. Go fishing or clamming, or stop at a seafood market for fillets and oysters. Stop by one of the many farms and take home a basket of veggies.


    Find places to stay as you explore along the Food Trail. From camping in historic covered wagons, to farmhouse rooms for rent, to a homey bed-and-breakfast, you have a host of options for where you sleep.