About the North Coast Food Trail

A partnership between three regions of Oregon’s shoreline, the Food Trail brings together the best of the tasty and rugged (and tastefully rugged) food-related fun from Cannon Beach, the Tillamook Coast and Lincoln City. Check out the information below to help you get started, then explore the site to learn more about participating businesses and chart your course!

Choose Your Own Adventure

The idea behind the North Coast Food Trail is simple: we’ve provided a host of spots that can show you a great time, but only you know what you’ll enjoy best. Browse the available options and compile your itinerary—let your love of fresh seafood steer you to an afternoon aboard a fishing boat, or your children’s obsession with mac and cheese lead you on a family dairy farm excursion. It’s all up to you! Find the stops that whet your appetite and start planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a certain order of Food Trail stops I have to follow?

    There’s no defined order. The Food Trail is designed to be flexible to the kind of adventures you want to take, how much time you have and where you’re coming from. Choose the activities that speak to you.

  • How much does the Food Trail cost?

    Traveling along the Food Trail itself is free. Meals and lodging will vary in price and individual stops may have an entry fee. Check with participating businesses to learn more about their rates.

  • Is the Food Trail family-friendly?

    Yes! The Food Trail can be a great experience for kids, grandparents—and everyone in between. Check with our participating businesses for more details on safety and accommodations for small children, the elderly, or anyone in your party who has a special need. Plan your itinerary accordingly, and get ready for a fun family trip!