Farms and Seafood

West Fish Company

34775 Brooten Rd
Pacific City, OR 97135

503-812-3461 Website

West FishWe harvest all species of local seafood and sell it at our retail fish market. We carry local crab, lingcod, tuna, rockfish, oysters, and salmon. These are all caught by ownership or our friends off dory boats. Dan and Tyler started a retail fish market to sell their fresh fish directly to the consumer. This “farm to table” or in their case “sea to table” idea started with two friends trying to do what they love, and get the most for the commodity that they take pride in offering. By skipping the middleman, the consumer gets the freshest fish available at competitive pricing, as well as supporting smaller local fishermen. Environmental Sustainability is an inherent by-product of this business model and West Fish Company is proud of this. A majority of what we sell is caught by us in our small dory boats we launch off the beach less than a mile from the front door of the shop. Caught and brought in that day. Many times you will see us offloading a fresh catch while you buy what was processed the night before. Fresh local and sustainable. We are also at the Neskowin Farmers Market every Saturday.


March-October, 11am-4pm